Where To Cut Costs In Your Kitchen Fitting Business

As a business, we all want to maximise our profits. One of the best ways to optimise your business income is to reduce costs and whilst each business is different there are some easy ways to reduce costs to your business.


Obviously, you need to transport yourself, your tools and your materials between jobs. But this can be quite a costly area of your business. From buying the right kind of van for you, the tax, insurance, maintenance and fuel it all adds up to quite a lot. Whilst no car or van will have no impact on your funds, there are ways to minimise it. For starters, buying a van that’s newer means you are less likely to have to fork out on large maintenance costs. A newer model also means you will often be more fuel efficient and can also benefit from a reduced tax rate! Of course, small things like taking care of the van with a regular clean and driving sensibly and carefully can extend the life of your vehicle! Travelling smart is something else you can do to reduce costs, making a minimal amount of journeys will obviously reduce your outgoings.

Quality Tools

We have all heard the saying “quality over quantity”, its amazing how many ways this is relevant in life and to your business. It’s also commonly known that to make money you need to spend money, so what can we do with these two bits of wisdom? Well, it leads you to investing in quality tools that will allow you to do the job in hand. Whilst they might cost a bit more initially, you’ll more than likely last much longer than other cheaper tools. Not only do you get your money worth, but you don’t have to waste time replacing tools that break on the job.

Don’t Make Mistakes

Whilst this goes without saying, the fewer mistakes you make on a job the more money you save. It’s always better to measure twice and cut once, this prevents wasting both time and materials that need to be replaced. The fewer mistakes made, the less the expenditure, the quicker the jobs are done and the quicker you move onto the next job. It might seem small, but it definitely has a big impact.

Choose The Right Supplier

Finally, being selective about where you get your materials can have a huge impact on your profit margin. But there is a pitfall, you don’t want to exchange the quality of materials purely to save money - after all, you get what you pay for. Whether you strike up a partnership with suppliers or just sign up for trade discounts there are ways to save money on materials without sacrificing quality. 


Excellent service throughout. Professional workmen, I can not speak too highly of them, a really good job.


I found the team to be delightful people and very trustworthy. In addition, they did the job for an amazingly good price.

Mrs H of Nottingham

Lovely finish can not believe the transformation. Came on time, all workman did a wonderful job and were friendly and polite.

Mr & Mrs P of DE7

Fantastic, polite friendly service and fitting. Transformed very old kitchen into modern style at very little money. Would recommend to anyone.


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