The Ultimate Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

It’s safe to say that for many, the kitchen is the heart of the home, providing the perfect place for entertaining in, catching up about your day and cooking up some delicious creations. But because it is a place we love and use so often, it often ends up in a mess - and there is constantly something that needs cleaning up. When clutter and grime build up in the kitchen, it can seem one of the biggest chores to sort it out. That’s why we’ve put together an ultimate kitchen cleaning checklist, to help you keep those pesky germs at bay.


  • Clean spills & messes when they happen, don’t let them cling on to surfaces or even worse leave a stain. You’ll find it saves harder work required to clean later on.
  • Wash your dishes daily, so that they don’t build up. This doesn’t have to be after each time you eat, but make sure you do a daily wash to help to keep on top of this chore.
  • Perhaps you use a dishwasher instead - empty it when it’s done! Don’t let pots sit in there for days on end.
  • Sweep your floor to get rid of the daily crumbs that build up.
  • Wipe the kitchen sides after you’ve cooked. Did you know, a chopping board has roughly  200% more bacteria than the average toilet seat!
  • Put away stray items after you’ve used them, whether it’s the herbs and spices you’ve used in your latest creation or the blender that comes out a few times a year.


  • Take the time to sort out your fridge on a weekly basis. It’ll help you keep on top of what food needs eating, what ingredients have gone past their best, and also helps you to get a better idea of what to get in your next weekly food shop.
  • Wipe appliances weekly - and yes that does include the inside of your microwave!
  • As well as sweeping the floor, be sure to give it a mop every week to keep it better clean.
  • Make sure to disinfect your sink, it contains around 100,000 more germs than a toilet!
  • Wash any dishcloths/sponges.
  • Empty the kitchen bin, don’t let food waste fester!


  • Around once a month, give your cabinets a proper clean both inside and outside to make sure that they’re looking their best.
  • Not only this but make sure to wipe the top of cabinets - you’d be surprised at what you’ll find up there.
  • Yes, the dreaded task of giving your oven a clean is key!
  • Give your fridge a proper clean both inside and out to keep germs and bacteria at bay.
  • See if your dishwasher needs cleaning (yes, they need cleaning too!).
Of course, you don’t have to do everything on this list and it doesn’t matter if you don’t always do everything as frequently as is stated. However, if you at least try to stick to some of the items on this list, you’ll make cleaning your kitchen much easier, and keep it looking its best more often!


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