The Ultimate Guide To Splashback Materials

When it comes to protecting walls in a kitchen, there is nothing that does it as well as a splashback. They make stains and spills easy to clean and give your client peace of mind that their nicely painted walls will be safe from all kinds of splashes and potential damage. In today’s world of kitchens, splashbacks can also become a focal point, so it’s important to choose the right material for the kitchen you are fitting.


A classic choice that fits in nearly every kitchen, regardless of style. With such a huge range of colours and designs available, tiles are incredibly versatile (no pun intended). Easy to install, easy to clean and great looking, tiles are a very popular choice among kitchen fitters worldwide. Whether you opt to include it as a feature by using a bold contrast colour to the rest of the kitchen or create a completely unique look by creating a mosaic piece behind your stove or sink. Who says art can’t be both practical and beautiful?


If you are wanting to create a more rustic theme in your kitchen, using timber can be the perfect solution. Wood and timber have natural anti-bacterial properties that make cleaning up any mess incredibly easy, this being said a lick of varnish never goes amiss if you want to create a shinier look to your wood. The natural colours of wood can make a kitchen look no much more homely than other more clinical looking materials. Utilising wood can also become an environmentally friendly element to include, making use of old or unused wood and upcycling it into something new and functional that looks amazing.


Perhaps the easiest surface to keep clean, metal is a popular choice in a number of kitchen styles when it comes to creating a splashback. For kitchens that want an extra bit of shine, a metal splashback is an ideal choice. There is a huge number of metals that are available to use, meaning there are colours and styles to suit absolutely any kitchen. From silver stainless steel to black, gold and bronze metal’s, there isn’t a colour scheme possible that metal splashbacks cant cater for, and that’s before you even consider finishes!


If you want to achieve a natural look but timber isn’t working for your design, the next best thing is stone. Naturally resistant to everything you can possibly throw at it, stone is a wonderful material to design and craft with. And don’t think you are limited to grey colours, depending on the stone you choose you can expect hues of red, orange, black and even yellow! Stone is incredibly versatile coming in slabs, tiles and even mosaic - there is an endless number of designs and styles you can create with stone.


No, we haven’t gone mad. Glass is a splashback option that is rising in popularity. The level of shine glass creates is unparalleled by alternatives, it will leave your customer dazzled. But it doesn’t have to be just clear glass, there are so many options for texture and colour that there are infinite combinations available. Whether it’s a whole sheet of glass or using smaller sections to create a tiled or mosaic effect, glass is a surprisingly durable material. To make your glass splashback shine even brighter, why not include LED light strips around the perimeter to shine into the glass and highlight the splashback as a prominent feature in the kitchen.


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