The Ultimate Guide To Kitchen Drawer Types

If you’ve got your knickers in a twist when trying to choose the right kind of drawer type for your client, it’s time to sit down and sort your drawers out. There can be a lot to consider around drawers, from what they will be used as to how they will open and close, luckily for you we’ve broken it down for you.


First things first, you need to consider how big your drawers are going to be because there is not a uniform size of a drawer that fits every need. It’s just not going to happen like that. Consider what the drawer is going to be used for: a cutlery drawer is obviously going to be much smaller than one that will be used to store all of the pots and pans. So when you are designing the unit that will house the drawers, ensure that there are wider and deeper drawers available for this kind of thing as well as smaller and shallower drawers for lighter and more compact items like cutlery or odd bits and bobs, because we all have that one ‘stuff drawer’.

Kitchen Position

Next, you need to consider where the drawers will be in the kitchen. Drawers designed to carry more weight will need to be placed lower to the ground. This prevents the drawer material from being put under too much stress which can cause a catastrophic failure. But it will also keep your clients safer when using the kitchen, they don’t want to be lifting big heavy items above their head where they could potentially fall and cause some serious damage. This being said, there is also the rule of frequency. Drawers that hold items that are used more often will need to be at a more convenient height than the floor to prevent too much stooping and bending over from your client which can cause some serious back issues.

Built-In Storage

Drawers have progressed a long way from the old-fashioned standard pull-out-box on runners. Modern kitchens now come with a whole host of clever and useful storage options that can be built directly into the frame of the drawer. From pre-fabricated dividers that organise cutlery to built-in spice racks that display your whole collection neatly and in a way that is very easy access. You can even get crockery dividers to keep your plates, bowls and tableware in place without damaging it!

Runners Vs Flip-Down

When you hear the word drawer, you probably just think of the kind that slides out, right? Well, there are other options for a drawer. Sometimes, limited space means a sliding drawer can be more problematic than it can be useful. You can include drawers with a flip-down front that reveals the space inside, these require much less space and open up new options for what is stored inside. But, most people do prefer the standard pull-out drawer that has become a kitchen unit staple. However, even these have seen a vast level of improvement over time. Soft-closing runners are now moving to be standard amongst most kitchen brands, which means anything stored inside has less chance of breaking at the hand of a slamming drawer.

Extra Features

So what else can you store in a drawer? People often restrict their drawer-based imagination to landscape shaped drawers that hold cutlery or crockery. A popular feature amongst new kitchen designs is a vertical drawer that reveals bins when opened. Not only does this free up floor space and make it super easy to open and close the bins without getting bin-hands, but it can also contain the bad smell that nearly always accompanies your bin. Alternatively, maybe your client's kitchen has very limited worktop space - so why not integrate a chopping board into a drawer so it can easily be put away and used without hassle. You could combine these two ideas to make it super easy to scrape off-cuttings and peelings into the bin! There are endless possibilities for extra features you could conceal in a drawer.


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