The Difference Between Gloss Doors

When you are designing a new kitchen, there are loads of options when it comes to finishes. From wood grain to matte and even textured, each with their own design style and practicality there is an endless amount of combinations that can be used in kitchen design. One of the most popular choices, it seems, is gloss doors. But it isn’t as easy as just opting for gloss, there are multiple different types of gloss that can be used to create different atmospheres and designs. But is there any difference?

High Gloss Doors

High Gloss doors tend to be made of MDF and then wrapped in a vinyl which is what creates the flat shiny look. They can be made in a huge number of colours and normally include edging to match the face of the door which helps create the sleek finish that is so vital in creating contemporary kitchen styles. Wrapping doors in vinyl does mean you also get a small bevel around the edges, which can make the corners more rounded which can dramatically change the overall feel of the kitchen as well as make it safer for any small children and pets that could be running around and potentially bumping into things. In terms of cost. High gloss doors do genuinely come cheaper but this can vary depending on size along with other factors.

Ultra-Gloss Doors

Ultra-gloss doors, on the other hand, are created entirely differently. Whilst they are still MDF at their core, it’s the finishing touches that make the difference. Instead of being wrapped in a vinyl coating it is finished with a few coats of acrylic which creates a mirror-like surface, hence the name ultra-gloss. If your client loves the idea of a glass kitchen but doesn’t want the hassle or price-tag of one, this is your next best bet. Ultra-gloss doors can also be smoother to the touch as the acrylic can achieve a flatter finish than the vinyl used on high gloss doors. The other big difference to high gloss doors is in the edge finish. An acrylic finish can often show the edges more, meaning you get harsher corners. However, for better quality and a better finish, you can also expect a bigger price tag but again it can differ.

Lacquered Doors

Lacquered doors have a similar look to ultra-gloss but tend to be more traditional in their design and colour availability. A few coats of lacquer can provide not only a protects the surface for longer but it does provide that classy sheen to the wood that can make a kitchen sparkle. However, due to the nature of lacquer, it is known to chip and flake over time as day to day wear break down the coats, they still look great if you are building a more classic kitchen!

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