The Best Ways To Introduce Colour Into A Kitchen

Whilst monotone kitchens look great, sometimes you want to throw some additional splashes of colour to create a more relaxed and homely atmosphere. But you don’t want to ruin the one-tone look created by the combination of cabinets and worktops, so why not try one of these ways of introducing a bit of colour into your kitchen.

Feature Wall

The most obvious, and perhaps cheapest way, to include some additional colour in your kitchen is to include a feature wall. Making one wall of your kitchen a complimentary or contrasting colour can help you break out of your colour scheme in a way that isn’t offensive to the eyes. You should always consider what wall you want to emphasise though, as painting the wrong wall can make your kitchen seem smaller. If you don’t like the idea of painting though, or you wanted a bit more detail that paint simply can’t achieve wallpaper or decorative tiles are always a good option.

Mood Lighting

Something as simple as adding a few led strips under cabinets can help create some subtle touches of colour, this works particularly well with glossy surfaces where the lights can reflect and amplify without becoming too obtrusive. The big benefit of mood lighting is it can be changed very easily to truly blend into the existing colour schemes.

Mood lighting normally works best in an already bright environment, anything with a lot of white, cream or ivory colours will benefit hugely from mood lighting however you decide to install it. From LED strips to integrated floor lights or even just coloured lamps dotted around - all can help add a splash of colour.


Like any good fashionista, the key is to accessorise! There is a huge range of kitchen accessories available that can introduce new colours into your kitchen. Even small things like utensils can play a part in broadening the range of colours in your kitchen. This can be a tricky thing to achieve, however, especially if you want matching sets and you don’t want to sacrifice quality - after all, they should still be functional!


Whilst they can be pricey, colourful appliances can help bring a subtle tone of colour into the kitchen. Most famously, manufacturer Smeg is popular for their 50’s/60’s inspired pastel coloured appliances ranging from fridges to toasters and even kettles. But these all come at a premium price, there are other manufacturers available and can be cheaper. They key thing to remember with using colourful appliances is consistency - to prevent a mismatched and incomplete feel.

Re-Do It

If all else fails - or you want a complete change - just start from scratch. This doesn’t have to be a full re-fit, something as simple as changing your kitchen cupboard doors can have a big impact. We have a huge range of  doors available form the biggest brands all at trade prices when you sign-up for our discount


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