Kitchen Worktop Guide

Buying an entirely new kitchen, or making over an existing kitchen can be both an exciting and daunting time. It’s likely you’ll have many design ideas in your head, and so many different styles and finishes you like, so settling on a final decision can be tricky. Picking a finish that doesn’t fit your kitchen or lifestyle is not only disheartening but comes at a large cost. To make sure that you make the right decision for you, it is important you ask the right questions to work out what the ideal kitchen worktop is for you. Luckily, we’ve put all the questions and information you need in this ‘Kitchen Worktop Guide’.

Ask Yourself These Questions

  1. What is your budget? This will help to outline which kitchen worktop finishes are inside and outside of your budget, often helping to create an initial shortlist to work from.
  2. What is the style of your kitchen? Whether you’re opting for a classic, contemporary or shaker style kitchen, you will have some idea of what worktop finish will better fit in with that style and your end goal. Visit showrooms, and look at Pinterest, Instagram and blogs to get some inspiration.
  3. What is your lifestyle? Are you good at cleaning your kitchen regularly, and cleaning up spills? How about putting hot pans on the site? This will help you decide which worktops will better fit your lifestyle and general kitchen habits.
  4. How much space do you available?
  5. Do you like to change your kitchen often? If you do, a cheaper alternative might be a better choice, so that you can keep up with trends. Alternatively, if you like to change the soft furnishings in your kitchen picking a more timeless style worktop that can work with different colour schemes and styles.

Kitchen Worktop Finishes

Once you’ve asked yourself the above questions, you’ll likely have a better idea about your kitchen worktop requirements. Assess these needs against the qualities of the below worktop options to assess which will suit your kitchen style.


Granite comes in a range of different shades, and stands above others with its beauty and luxurious finish. It’s generally a tough, wearable material that is resistant to scratches and heat. Despite this, granite is porous meaning it needs to be sealed at least once every two years, making the upkeep a hindrance for some.


A low maintenance, consistent stone creating a finished look and feel to any kitchen. There is no compromise on durability either, this material is scratch proof and chip resistant making it a great choice. However, unlike alternatives this worktop can’t handle much heat, so if you’re one to put hot pans on the side this might not be for you. It’s also quite a pricey option!


Wooden kitchen worktops will continue to be a popular choice in kitchens; offering a natural beauty suitable for any traditional or modern kitchen. They come in many finishes, from ash to beech and bamboo. When well looked after and properly maintained, they can last for years to come - so considered a sound investment. However, wood doesn’t withstand excessive heat well and you’ll need to make sure you use a chopping board at all times.


Laminate became popular over 60 years ago, and this popularity hasn’t been compromised. Not only is it less expensive, and easier to install, laminate comes in a variety of sizes, colours and designs to help you achieve your desired look. So whether you want a high gloss, matt or a granite effect, you’re sure to achieve it. Despite the advantages, these worktops can be easy to damage and don’t respond well to heat.


Glass worktops are a perfect design statement for any modern kitchen, and create the perfect finish in a kitchen you love to entertain in. The benefits of using glass are the range of colours and design options available, it’s also a highly durable material. However, it will require a bigger budget and can be damaged by food with a high acid content.

When making the final decision for your kitchen worktop, the important thing is not to rush and consider all the options that are available to you. Any kitchen worktop is an investment, so make sure that you make the right choice for you. Happy kitchen shopping! 


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