Kitchen Trends To Be Aware Of As A Kitchen Fitter

As a kitchen fitter, it’s important that you’re keeping up to date with the latest fashions and trends when in the kitchen world so that you can be on hand with advice and guidance for homeowners. It also helps to show your expertise in your industry - which can reassure confused homeowners who are overwhelmed by the range of design and style choices available to them.

Smart Storage

Going for a minimalist and clutter free vibe has become increasingly popular in the world of kitchens - and it’s definitely something to think about when it comes to kitchen design. Homeowners may be seeking some advice on how they can store away their appliances in order to keep a clean kitchen surface.

Smart tech storage has similarly become trendy in line with the rise of the digital age. It is not uncommon for people to want to charge their smartphones etc in the kitchen - but it can look messy and disturb the minimalist vibe. Look to include a handy feature such as putting sockets in a drawer for gadgets to charge, keeping them out of sight and keeping kitchen surfaces clutter-free.


Tiles are a kitchen trend for both the practical and style conscious kitchen buyer. They are hardwearing, easy to maintain and clean as well as being waterproof - therefore appeal to those that are looking for a kitchen to last. However, there are so many style options to go for - making it easy for the buyer to achieve their desired look.

There is the option to take a more minimalist approach, with the classic clean white tile which really helps to lighten up the room and give a simplistic vibe. In contrast, one may choose to go for some patterned tiles or tiles made from different materials such as brick or concrete; which can help to create a really bespoke look.

Filtered Taps

Transformative taps - in terms of boiling and sparkling water is becoming increasingly popular. Whilst it may not appeal to everybody, it does add a little luxury and acts as a very convenient design feature. For those that like to entertain - it also adds a little touch of something different to their kitchen.

Two Toned

Two toned kitchens are becoming the go - to for the season ahead, especially when it comes to using warm neutrals and using copper, gold and ginger tones. The contrast used in this design element can help to create a really interest effect - and isn’t restricted to simply colour, it can be applied to different material types also.

Materials / Finishing Touches

A final design idea you might want to think about is which materials and finishing touches you’re looking to use for the client. There are various looks they can aim to achieve; using wood, concrete, glass, stone, concrete and various shades of metal offer a great alternative to simply using colour. These can also be used on finishing touches throughout the kitchen - and can help to add a luxurious feel to the space.


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