If You Can Build A Kitchen, You Can Build All Of These!

Fitting a kitchen is a complex trade, once you have completed one project that customer will probably not need your services again which leads to the increasingly difficult task of finding new clients. Or so you thought!

A lot of the skills and materials used in fitting kitchens can be used in lots of other places if you think outside of the box. From bedrooms to bathrooms to living spaces and even offices! With some creativity and careful planning, kitchens soon become multiple spaces and you can get more business from one person.


The most common element of any kitchen is storage space; cupboards and shelving play a vital role in the functionality of any kitchen. These storage spaces can easily be adapted to improve the storage methods in a bedroom. Simple floor cabinets can be placed next to beds to create bedside tables, drawers and cupboards mean it's super easy to reach and store everything.

Taller cupboards can be built into wall spaces to create built-in wardrobes or simply left free standing to create a more traditional wardrobe.


Bathrooms can also make use of the extra storage spaces with so many different bottles and tubs that could need replacing at very little notice. There’s nothing to say that a kitchen sink can’t be replaced by a bathroom sink and installed into a cupboard or unit to maximise space as well as improve the functionality of the room.


Countertops offer a great alternative to desks, and the huge variety of materials available to construct them means designs are almost endless and can feature in any office space. Flooring can also be used to clad walls for a new and interesting look that sets an atmosphere for the office. Since countertops are normally featured alongside cupboards, including some additional storage underneath the desk is super easy and practical.


Lovely finish can not believe the transformation. Came on time, all workman did a wonderful job and were friendly and polite.

Mr & Mrs P of DE7

Fantastic, polite friendly service and fitting. Transformed very old kitchen into modern style at very little money. Would recommend to anyone.


I found the team to be delightful people and very trustworthy. In addition, they did the job for an amazingly good price.

Mrs H of Nottingham

Excellent service throughout. Professional workmen, I can not speak too highly of them, a really good job.


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