Customers for Traditional, Contemporary and Shaker Kitchens

We all have different styles and trends we want to embrace when it comes the way we dress, so why would it be any different when it comes to what style of kitchen we want? With a range of customer needs when it comes to the style of kitchen, it can be difficult to know the best way to target customers to show them you have the style of kitchen that meets their needs. But this is where we’re hoping we can help you out…

The Traditional Kitchen Buyer

For those who are after more of a traditionally designed kitchen, functionality is key, they see their kitchen as the place for cooking and enjoying the food. They want a kitchen that is warm, cosy and has a classic design - a place to make memories. When you’re targeting these types of customers focus on telling a story, whilst also showing how the design is practical and can suit their needs. A common misconception with a traditional design is the idea of an outdated or country kitchen design; a traditional kitchen can still be clean and sleek but has more personality injected in through home touches, antiques or handmade objects. There is a still a wide range of choice available for the traditional kitchen buyer, but it’s all about the warm feeling the kitchen creates and the memories that can be created there.

Those Into Contemporary Kitchens

Customers looking for a contemporary kitchen are looking for a modern design with smooth lines, simplicity and elegance. These types of people like to make a statement with their kitchen, and see it as a place to entertain - so it is all about the design for them. This can be portrayed through the use of simplistic colours, natural materials and minimalist design. Something to really stress for this type of customer is the ability for integrated features in their kitchen, that looks impressive for that all-important entertaining, as well keeping the kitchen as clutter free as possible - upholding that sleek and clean look they crave.

Shaker Kitchen Buyers

We then have the buyers that are looking for more of a timeless design that’s something between traditional and contemporary. Shaker kitchens are great for those who don’t know exactly what style of kitchen they are looking for, yet still want a kitchen that is high quality and can be adapted to their lifestyle and taste. Whether this is gloss, wood grain or painted, Shaker Kitchens are sure to offer the best in modern manufacturing for the customer. Be sure to present the wide range of choice and finishes available, to make the perfect space for both practicality and entertainment.

Trade Kitchens

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Excellent service throughout. Professional workmen, I can not speak too highly of them, a really good job.


Fantastic, polite friendly service and fitting. Transformed very old kitchen into modern style at very little money. Would recommend to anyone.


Lovely finish can not believe the transformation. Came on time, all workman did a wonderful job and were friendly and polite.

Mr & Mrs P of DE7

I found the team to be delightful people and very trustworthy. In addition, they did the job for an amazingly good price.

Mrs H of Nottingham

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