7 Kitchen Safety Tips

1. Don’t Leave Cooking Unattended

It goes without saying, that if you are leaving your cooking unattended, accidents are more likely to occur. We’ve all experienced leaving something simmering for ‘5 more minutes’ to come back to the pan having boiled over, or your creation being burnt in the oven. In order to avoid accidents like these occurring, make sure to either stay in the kitchen or set a timer to remind you to check on your cooking constantly. Not only will you avoid your food burning, but you’ll also decrease the chance of a potentially much more dangerous accident occurring in the kitchen!

2. Stove 101

In the kitchen, there is some stove protocol that you should stick to wherever possible. The first being not leaving anything out on the stove top. It’s easy to forget you’ve left something flammable such as an oven glove or tea towel on the top, imagine the damage these items setting alight could cause. Another key tip for your stove is to be aware of the handles on your pots and pans. Wherever possible, turn pot handles towards the back of the stove so they can’t be anciently knocked or pulled over. Also avoid them hovering over another burner, as it’s easy to burn yourself this way.

3. Child Proof

If you have children in the house, there are certain things you should consider doing in order to keep them safe in the kitchen. As well as following the tips above, make sure you put child locks on cupboards that contain various chemicals and medication, and always keep sharp utensils well out of reach. It’s so easy for accidents to happen, so try and reduce the risk as far as is possible.

4. Pay Special Attention To Knives

Knives are just as dangerous to adults as they are children. When using a knife, make sure to fully concentrate and cut away from yourself; it’s easy to slip! As well as being careful when using them, use the same protocol when cleaning them. Make sure to always hold the blade away from yourself, and never put knives into a bowl of soapy water. You’ll know they’re there, but somebody else might not.

5. Wipe Up Spills

Wiping up spills as they happen is not only important from a cleanliness point of view, but it limits the chances of an accident occurring. Don’t put yourself, or others at risk of slipping over the puddle!

6. Have A Pair Of Steps Ready

From time to time, we’ve all stood on something unsteady to reach something on the top shelf - but you should try and avoid doing so. Have a handy set of steps ready to reach that pan on top of the cupboards, that way you’ll avoid straining yourself, or falling and causing yourself a deeper injury.

7. Be Aware Of Electrical Sockets

Be aware of where electrical sockets are in your kitchen, and what you’re putting close to them. Make sure both yourselves and children stay away from electrical socks, especially when your hands are wet, or if you have a wet cloth at hand. 


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