21st Century Kitchen Fitting

The world has changed a lot, and standards of work have been on the rise for quite a while. And it’s not always possible to match this expectancy with traditional tools and methods, it’s time to bring your business into the 21st century and embrace the technology that will allow you to finish a project to a better standard even faster than before.


It’s time to ditch your pencil and paper and get to your nearest computer. The development of CAD (Computer Aided Design) systems means you can create more accurate designs and ideas to present to clients. 3D models can help your client walk through their new kitchen before it’s built with the use of Virtual Reality, which allows you to create something that will definitely leave them happy. CAD systems can also feed directly into most CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing), meaning the designs you create are easily brought to life in an automated process ready for you to fit.


Your trusty old tape measure and fitters eye haven’t aged so nicely into the new age. They are now being outdone by new technical alternatives like laser measuring tapes that are far more precise, meaning you can be sure that everything will fit perfectly and your client is left happy. Whatever you need to measure, there is a piece of technology that can do it to millimetre perfection for you.


At the end of the day, you fit kitchens to get paid. And whilst cash-in-hand is traditional, it’s not always the quickest method. At the same time, you need to make payments from time to time and file your taxes. What used to be a daunting and time-consuming task, that can be difficult especially if you are new to it, is now quick and easy. Development of apps and software that can track all of your payments, both in and out as well as manage taxes and other overheads means you can spend more time on your business.

Of course, there are no replacements for your skill and experience, and you should always keep the tried and tested traditional methods on hand just in case. But embracing the technologies of today can help you get the job done quicker than ever before with even more precision.


I found the team to be delightful people and very trustworthy. In addition, they did the job for an amazingly good price.

Mrs H of Nottingham

Excellent service throughout. Professional workmen, I can not speak too highly of them, a really good job.


Fantastic, polite friendly service and fitting. Transformed very old kitchen into modern style at very little money. Would recommend to anyone.


Lovely finish can not believe the transformation. Came on time, all workman did a wonderful job and were friendly and polite.

Mr & Mrs P of DE7

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