​Working with awkward spaces

With so many people moving towards having open plan spaces in their homes, designers and fitters are having to work around some increasingly difficult spaces and architectural necessities that make fitting your customers dream kitchen a bit more of a challenge. We have compiled some of our favourite methods you can use to help you work with the most common issues we find in awkward spaces.

Problematic Pillars

One of the most impractical features for open plan spaces are structural pillars. They are normally integral to the structure of the property and can’t be removed without risking making the structure unsafe. Instead of taking unnecessary risks, incorporate the pillar into the design.

For kitchen spaces, building custom shelving around the pillar is a practical use of the otherwise wasted space and provides the all important extra storage space. Alternatively using the pillar as a defining feature of the kitchen by building into or around it, for example using it to end a kitchen worktop or building an island around it, can create an interesting centre piece.

If this isn’t what your client had in mind, blend the pillar into the background by using neutral colours to divert attention away or, for something less subtle, use a feature colour of the kitchen to tie it into theme whilst still keeping it blended into the design.

Awkward Angles

People are making use of every bit of space they possibly can, hence loft conversions are fast becoming a standard feature in every home which can create obscure angles because of sloping roofs. This means designers and fitters have to get creative when working with the unusual shapes and slopes. Where possible adding a window into the sloped surface can make for a really interesting addition. Not only will it increase the natural light in the room, but also provide some great views from inside - giving people a perspective they don’t normally see.

Sloped ceilings also produce the opportunity to include custom fitted units, particularly useful for bedroom conversions if you want to minimize the slopes effect. Alternatively, placing a desk underneath and installing subtle mood lighting to follow the surface of the slope can create a cosy practical nook as part of a small office area.

Bothersome Bends

Designers and architects are becoming more and more ambitious with their builds by ditching the easy to work with rectangles and straight edges and starting to use more complicated curved designs. This means we have to be more creative and add an extra level of care and detail into what we supply. Depending on where the curved wall is, you can use it to create a fitted bench with a hinged top to create a comfortable sitting area with hidden storage underneath - great for when space can become a bit of an issue.

If the curved wall is a feature wall, we recommend fitting the cabinets as a continuous flow against the wall. This makes the kitchen feel like a suitable gathering and social space. In addition to this, the functional aspect creates an amphitheatre feel which is great for making the kitchen the heart of the house. 


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